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The #1 Blueprint to Tech House Mastery: Transform Your Tracks from Amateur to CLUB-DOMINATING ANTHEMS in Hours

Follow along making a track come to life with every step detailed for you. From drum programming, writing chords to mixing and mastering. Dive into 30 In-Depth Sessions Elevate Your Tech House Production from Basic Grooves to Chart-Topping Hits – Regardless of Your Current Skill Level!

In this online course, you’ll learn

  • Break through creative blocks with innovative beat-making techniques.
  • Master intricate chord progressions for deeper, more emotive tracks.
  • Learn industry secrets for a mix that cuts through the noise.
  • Speed up your production process, doubling output while maintaining quality.
  • Overcome the ‘almost there’ syndrome and complete your masterpieces.
  • Gain an edge with modern bass designs and vocal processing wizardry.


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4+ Hour Course – Dynamic Loop Learning Method™

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"Bridging the gap between 'good' and 'club-ready' Tech House Productions."

Final Track You’re Going To Produce By Yourself

Struggling to craft pulsating Tech House tracks?

Feel like it’s just out of your grasp? You’re not alone.

Many think they lack tech skills, originality, or industry connections to make it big.

But here’s the truth: these are just myths. We’re breaking down barriers, showing you how to blend iconic Tech House sounds with modern bass, and set dance floors ablaze.

This is your chance to stand out, to create fresh, club-ready beats that command attention. Don’t just watch history happen – be the one making it.

Dive in and start your journey to Tech House mastery today.

Here's What You'll Learn

In Modules & + Individual Lessons

Dive into the essence of Tech House with a focus on creating dance floor anthems. This module lays the groundwork for tracks that command attention and get people moving. Understand the anatomy of impactful beats and sounds.

  • Explore the art of crafting a fundamental Oscinato that sets the tone
  • Learn the secrets behind designing a kick drum that drives the rhythm
  • Discover unique approaches to hats and their role in your first rough arrangement

Mastering the bassline is crucial for peak hour Tech House anthems. This module unveils the techniques for creating deep, resonant bass sounds that define the genre’s energy.

  • Design your first bass sound that defines your track’s character
  • Delve into sub bass sound design and MIDI writing for depth and power
  • Learn layering tricks for a bassline that stands out in the club scene

Unlock the secrets of high-energy drops and percussions that make your tracks unforgettable. This module focuses on techniques to elevate the intensity of your Tech House tracks.

  • Discover the power of stabs to make your drops hit harder
  • Utilize reverb throws on basses for dynamic soundscapes
  • Add unique elements to enhance the energy and excitement of your track

Achieve a polished, club-ready sound with advanced mixing techniques. This module is about refining your Tech House tracks to stand out in any club environment.

  • Learn an easy trick for powerful drops that captivate the dance floor
  • Understand how to arrange for radio mixes without losing the Tech House vibe
  • Mix drums like a pro, creating grooves that make your tracks irresistible

Vocals can make or break a Tech House track. Learn modern production and creative mixing techniques to integrate vocals seamlessly into your tracks.

  • Perfect the placement and processing of vocals for Tech House
  • Apply creative effects to add excitement and uniqueness to your vocals
  • Explore rare techniques for fast and effective vocal sweeps

The final touches in mastering can elevate your track from good to great. This module guides you through the finishing process to ensure your track is ready for the world.

  • Analyze and refine your final mix for a polished sound
  • Master the art of mastering – balance, clarity, and loudness
  • Evaluate the final product with a critical ear for professional quality

Designed With Every DAW In Mind

The processes and techniques we show are applicable to all major DAWs.

Released on BLANC

From complete scratch we’re producing this exact song. From collecting ideas, sketching drums, designing all sounds individually, arranging, processing the vocals to finished mixed & fully mastered product – ready for the release.


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