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Ever-growing Library of Courses. Your Copy & Paste SYSTEMS For Achieving Professional Sounding Music

Turn your ideas into reality with our proven, step-by-step course library, from beginner to expert teaching you the reasons behind every process.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls To Get Your Music Fixed LIVE and 10X Your Growth

Let our team of expert producers solve every single one of your struggles, problems & challenges you face along the way for you.

Unlimited 1:1 Feedback On Your Music & Mixes with Personal Homework From Our Team

What’s the biggest accelerator in achieving massive success? A personal coach that has been exactly where you’re at right now. 

Private Elite Community With Daily Office Hours

The right community can be the biggest factor of exceptional success – don’t miss out. Get accountability & support from our team and other members every step of the way.

Fast Action BONUSES If You Join Today

2000+ Quick Tips & Tricks Videos & Graphics For Endless Inspiration & SKILL CATALYST

Mind-bending, fully searchable vault of Secret FL Studio & Ableton Features, Mixing Techniques, Music Theory, Drum Grooves, Scales, Vocals, Arrangements…

20+ Project Files & Starter Templates

Get your hands on professionally produced, mixed, arranged & mastered tracks in styles like Trap, EDM, Deep House, Melodic House, and Psy Trance for both FL Studio & Ableton Live. Save time, deconstruct, and use the elements in your own productions.

Welcome Bestseller Packs Bundle

This bundle contains selected samples, presets & MIDIs from our TOP bestseller packs. So that you’re equipped with the same sounds used by industry PROs – so nothing stands in your way.

Monthly $29 Giftcard

In addition to a massive welcome bundle you lock in a monthly gift card of the same value as the price of your membership. You can use it to get all new Sample Packs, Presets, MIDIs & Templates in the store.

So if you use your monthly gift card in the store, staying a member becomes completely free!

Discounts on 1000+ Plugins

As Member of Mix Elite you’re eligible for exclusive discounts on most Plugins, Software & Platforms in the industry (Up to -50% Off). For many members, the membership becomes 100% free.

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Sneak Peak Into The Courses Library With 50+ Hours Of In-Depth Lessons

DAW Accelerators To Skip Years Of Your Learning Curve

“SO MUCH better than all the YouTube tutorials”
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

FL Studio Beginner to Advanced

Go from not knowing ANYTHING about music production to producing release-ready songs. Learn about crucial equipment, useful websites, plugins & more. Everything from the basics to advanced mixing and vocal production.
  • Master FL Studio from zero – no more figuring and hesitation
  • Over 50+ start to finish lessons applicable to all genres (+ bonus PDF guides & pre-written notes)
  • Turn ideas from your head into sound just like you imagine it
Final Track You Will Produce
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Logic Pro X Beginners Course

Unlock the full power of Logic Pro X, regardless of your experience level. From the best setup, to choosing instruments, programming drums and recording & mixing vocals.
  • Master Logic Pro X from setup to sophisticated production
  • Craft and mix a radio-ready song fully your own
  • Effortlessly transition your ideas into Logic Pro X projects
Final Track You Will Produce

Music Theory & Arrangements To Build Strong Fundamentals

“I knew my music was missing something, but I just couldn’t tell what. After applying techniques from this course, my process improved DRASTICALLY.”
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Music Theory: Harmony & Chord Progressions

Come up with your own amazing harmonies, chords & progressions in a matter of minutes. From fundamental music theory concepts to expert chord-writing secrets. No prior knowledge needed.  Suitable for all genres.
  • Learn to find notes and chords by ear & put them into your piano roll
  • Analyze any song, learn and apply it on your tracks
  • 30+ in-depth lessons, PDF guides & pre-written notes
Final Track You Will Produce
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Arrangements, Structures & Music Storytelling

Turn loops into perfectly formed songs time after time. Learn fundamentals of perfect music storytelling and arrangements that will turn your boring tracks into masterpieces that people loop on repeat.
  • Create Stunning Arrangements & Master the ’Repeat Factor’ through our Bulletproof Song Structures Formulas.
  • Gain Lifetime Skills to Consistently Finish and Release Your Music
  • Access Industry-Standard Templates for Quick, Professional Results
Final Track You Will Produce
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Instant Inspiration: Finish More Music & Beat The Block

Reaching over 2 million producers weekly, we designed this course to answer your burning questions.
  • Learn how to tap into endless creativity.
  • Elevate your production speed with personalized workflows
  • Skyrocket Your Workflow Speed
Final Track You Will Produce

Full Start To Finish Courses Taking You By Hand From Empty Project To World-Class Finished Songs

“Now everytime I sit down to make a new track it turns into a banger. I LOVE waking up to this feeling!”
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Hard Trap from Start to Finish: Master the Secrets Behind Industry-Level Tracks

Starting from nothing we create a full-length, chart-ready TRAP BANGER. From making melody loops, programming hard-hitting drums, fxs, chords, professional rap vocals, and arrangements, until we have a finished, mixed & mastered track.
  • Discover the art of making trap melodies that stay in mind
  • Master advanced mixing & mastering for that signature Trap sound
  • 4+ Hours of Pure Knowledge, All Project Files & Vocal Mixing Chains
Final Track You Will Produce
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Drill from Start to Finish: Make Beats That Sell And Turn Heads Like Clockwork

Learn everything you need to make top-chart-ready drill tracks. From choosing the best instruments, writing melodies & programming drums.
  • Master drill vocal productions to make your vocals clean, punchy and professional
  • Understand psychological reasons that differentiate amateur & professional 1B+ productions
  • Over 4 hours, 30 lessons + bonuses
Final Track You Will Produce
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

Jaw-Dropping Future Bass & Remixes from Start to Finish

We take you by hand music to create next level Future Bass & Remixes with Melodic Vocal Chops & Hard Hitting Drums in no time!

  • Craft addictive vocal chops and orchestral melodies
  • Advanced layering techniques for head-turning effect
  • 4+ hours of start to finish lessons + all project files
Final Track You Will Produce
Full Online Course
$47 Individual Price

The #1 Blueprint to Tech House Mastery from Start to Finish

Follow along making a track come to life with every step detailed for you. From drum programming, writing chords to mixing and mastering. Track released on Blanc.
  • Learn industry secrets for a mix that cuts through the noise
  • Unlock techniques to hypnotize your listeners
  • Over 4 hours of in-depth lessons (+ all project files)
Final Track You Will Produce

& more

87+ Advanced Mixing & Mastering Lessons So You Release Label-Ready Hits Like Clockwork

Full Online Course
$147 Individual Price

State Of The Art Mixing Masterclasses For All Genres

Discover the game-changing techniques that turn average tracks into audio gold. This course isn’t just a learning experience—it’s your ticket to the big leagues of music production.
  • Create Mind-Blowing Mixes everytime you sit down in the studio, without feeling stuck or lost​
  • Best Acoustics & Room Treatment Hacks without spending thousands of $$$ on a re-model​
  • Over 6 hours & 45+ in-depth lessons for all geners & vocals (pre-written notes for each lesson)
  • All project files, infographics & PDF guides, presets & templates saving you hours of figuring out
1st Track Preview
2nd Track Preview
Full Online Course
$147 Individual Price

State Of The Art Mastering Masterclasses For All Genres

From understanding the process & theory to mastering your and your clients’ music like a PRO. Learn Everything you need to master your track to be polished and club-ready. Learn to use all the latest techniques, and tools available at your disposal.
  • Copy & Paste replicable strategies for dynamic, punchy masters that sound amazing in every listening environment
  • Learn all fundamental and advanced audio theory and concepts from sound physics to digital audio intricacies.
  • Over 4.5 hours & 43+ individual lessons for all geners (pre-written notes for each lesson)
  • Download templates, ready mastering chains, cheat sheets & presets s saving you hours (if not days) of work
1st Track Preview
2nd Track Preview
3rd Track Preview

What do Mix Elite Members Use Produce ?

In today’s world, the most important trait of a successful music producer is versatility. All courses are designed so you can effortlessly follow along in any DAW. We train you how to easily learn from other DAWs. Access knoweldge, assets, and network you need to achieve massive success.

Electronic, Dance & Club

Trap & Hip-Hop

House, Deep, Melodic, Bass,
Progressive, Techno, DnB…

Trap, Hip-Hop, Rap, Lo-fi, RNB…

& Singer…

Film Score…

20+ Full Song Templates You Get FREE Just For Trying Out Mix Elite Today

Celestial – Melodic House

Rara (4 Trap Templates)

Knocked – Bass House
Circuit – Tech House
Oddysey – Future Rave
Tomorrow – Progressive House
Drive – Slap House
Melodic – Trap
Impure – Bass House

& more...

Sneak Peak Into The Library of 20+ Sound Packs

Gold in = Gold out, that’s why the moment you join we equip you with the same sounds used by the industry PROs. So nothing stands in your way of achieving EXTRAORDINARY sound.

Want even more? Use your monthly gift card for new sounds we release.

PRISM - EDM Drum Pack
GOLD - Melody Loop Kits
SUPREME - Trap Drum Pack
Paradigm - VITAL Presets
Memoriam - Serum Presets & MIDIs

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Our content across all medium reaches and is loved by millions of producers, and counting.

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Why a Membership?

Since our library of products is constantly growing, with a Membership we are able to offer you the lowest price possible, without commitments (and access coaches, personal support, community, and exclusive content)

Our Totally Outrageous
‘Are They Out Of Their Minds?!’

Start learning, download packs, attend the live classes, get your music reviewed with full confidence.

And if after 60 days you feel like you’re not 100% satisfied, just write us a short email and we will refund your investment back. Plus, you get to keep your welcome bonus pack!

Decide yourself inside.

So... There are two ways you can go from here:

Way #1

High Risk of Failure & No Investment Risk

You move on and try to figure out all the steps, tricks and secret techniques gathered through over a decade of experience all by yourself. You waste years of your life trying to learn when and how to apply the knowledge. Risking that you will give up just before you make it…
Way #2

Guaranteed Success & No Investment Risk.

You join now, get the proven roadmap & in just a few weeks, you’ll be mastering techniques that took your idols years to refine – 100X your chances of finally leaving your dream life. Plus, you’re not going it alone. You’ll be part of a vibrant community with live coaching and unlimited personal feedback & homework to make sure you’re improving daily.
Both ways have no investment risk involved, but only one guarantees your success.
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Who is This For?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, then this place is just for you.

But... "I can learn a lot on YouTube"

You might, but you will never get exhaustive,
structured, step by step knowledge from a team
of professional instructors that actually got real
results for their students. Here you get a full blueprint that has been proven to cut years off the learning curve for thousands of our members.

But... "It’s too expensive"

Universities range from $24,273 up to $87,278 per
year. And you get all upsides + some. Exceptional
knowledge, at your own pace, personal feedback,
exclusive discounts on plugins & more.

Premium Beat Leases start at $400 (Exclusive at
$1000+). Standard Mixing & Mastering rates
average $500.

For a fraction of the price of any of these you get a
a step-by-step roadmap that enabled thousands of our students to achieve success in music, no matter where you are right now.

But... "I don’t have time"

The program is 100% self-paced, so you can
complete every module whenever and wherever
it’s most convenient for you, whether you’re an
early bird or a night owl.

Every Coaching Call is recorded for you to watch anytime.

You will see and hear results in the first 4 days (or first afternoon).

But... "I'm already pretty good, I'm not going to learn much"

We cover all skill levels and all major electronic
music genres. From complete day 0, through
intermediate (1-3 years of experience) to
advanced (5-20 years). We share techniques
gathered through decades of professional work
and experience working and getting results for
our students.

But we don’t want you to make an uninformed
decision. The only way you can make the right
decision is inside. That’s why you have 60 full
days to test-ride everything and decide yourself

But... "I don't have ANY software"

You don’t need any!

A ton of our members do not have any software
purchased. And that’s why we focus on building
your skills on only the software you already have
or can land your hands on for free, so in the
moment you get to the paid stuff – your
capabilities are through the roof!

At later stages we also show best paid software
and its free alternatives, however everything
inside this program you can finish with $0 in
software and trial version of your DAW.

But... "I don't know ANYTHING about music and I'm a hard learner"

You’re in the best hands. We’ve helped 1000s of novice producers & hobbysts to get to expert level and beyond. From signing their tracks on labels to selling their services locally and online.

We go through every detail of achieving great results in easy to follow plain-english manner.

More Reasons To Join Mix Elite

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Library of Premium Courses

Create professional sounding tracks & position yourself for success in the music industry + Get Official Certification.
$900 VALUE
Courses teaching only some aspects of music production.

Weekly Live Group Coaching

Fix Your Mix, Q&As, Hot Seats, Demo Drops, Exclusive Guest Masterclasses
$1000 VALUE

No live group coaching with personal attention.

Unlimited Feedback

With personal homework assignments & no limits on submissions.
$700 VALUE

No in-depth feedback or highly limited access.

Sounds & Instruments Library

A complete welcome library of professional sounds, MIDIs & Templates + monthly gift card in the same value as your membership.
$600 VALUE
No sound packs or
available at extra cost.

Community & Daily Office Hours

Answering your questions daily.
$300 VALUE
Communities without daily office hours from team of experts.

Student Discounts on Plugins Software

For ultimate savings.
SAVE $1000+
No discounts on plugins or software or limited brands.
Join Mix Elite Now
& secure 3 FREE BONUSES
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Frequently Asked Questions

Mix Elite (previously FLTips) is an online academy for music producers aiming to elevate their music production skills in all kinds of Electronic Dance & Trap Genres. From 2018 we provide you with top-tier online courses, world-class sample packs.

Today also offering weekly live coaching sessions, and unlimited feedback on your music, ensuring that you reach your goals.

We believe that access to premium education and expert feedback should be your right, not a privilege – that’s why we’re committed to offering premium personal support & coaching for a non-premium price.

Yes, if you own the Full Bundle or purchased anything previously at FLTips, you will find your limited special discount in your email inbox.

Or send us an email at

Your membership fee is credited to your account in form of monthly gift cards so you can spend it on any downloadable sample pack, preset pack or MIDI pack in the store.

That way if you want to get the freshest sounds to your library – you get to stay a member practically for free (and take advantage of all the amazing perks of the membership – like access to All Courses, Community, Coaching & Unlimited Feedback).

Live coaching sessions are interactive classes (up to 3x a week) with our expert instructors in form of a Hot-Seat, Q&A, Fix-Your-Mix or Masterclass.

These sessions allow you to ask questions, get real-time feedback, and delve deeper into your specific production challenges.

It’s a great way to get hands-on learning and address any challenges you might be facing.

As a member, you can submit your music to our team at any time. Submit you track, a reference track, and few things you would like to improve on.

Our experts will provide you with detailed constructive feedback, highlighting areas of improvement, strengths, and actionable tasks to make your tracks even better on DAILY basis.

Limits? Nope. Just give us up to 2-4 days to reply before submitting your next track.

All our courses are designed so that you can follow along no matter the DAW you prefer. In addition there are Full Beginner Courses for major digital audio workstations (DAWs).

The techniques and concepts taught can be applied to any DAW, and we provide additional resources for specific DAW users.

Absolutely! We guarantee that you will get your skills and network to the next level – no questions asked.

Even after your There is 60-days 

Yes! Whether you’re a first-time producer or a seasoned veteran, prepare to have your mind blown and skills elevated. 

Inside you will find seperate Full Beginner Courses aka. ‘ZERO experience needed’ for all major daws.

But we don’t stop there. We start with the fundamentals and gradually progress so you get to know the PRO-level secrets and ninja techniques.

Not only do you keep up with the big dogs—you BECOME the big dog.

Your data is protected and encrypted with SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) bank level secure server software.

All your private information such as your name, address, payment cards or bank details cannot be read by any third party. Payments will be verified through the 3D secure procedure.

There are 60 days for you to decide if you love it. 

If you feel like you’re not satisfied, just write us an email to

No conditions. No requirements. No questions asked.

Yes and yes!

We believe that collaboration and support are key to success. In COACHING TIER you get access to a private student community where you can share your work, ask questions, and connect with other students and Mix Elite instructors.

This assures you’re in a supportive learning environment where everyone can grow together.

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