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In this online course, you’ll learn

  • Craft addictive vocal chops and mesmerizing orchestral melodies
  • Advanced layering techniques for hard-hitting, head-turning effect
  • Turn raw tracks into polished, chart-worthy anthems
  • How to create Remixes & Bootlegs
  • Get hands-on with real project files & samples.
  • Skyrocket your mixes from ‘meh’ to masterpiece.


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Dear Future Music Sensation,

Ever wondered why some Future Bass tracks explode online while others fade away? It’s not about high-end gear or raw talent alone. It’s about knowing the secrets—the clever tricks and hidden hacks that elevate tracks to viral hits.

You might think mastering Future Bass is out of reach, believing signature sounds and top producer status are unattainable. But here’s the truth: with the right knowledge, every chord, kick, and vocal chop can turn your mixes into chart-toppers.

We’ll guide you through each step, showing you how to craft music that not only impresses but resonates.

Ready to unlock the magic behind every beat?

Here's What You'll Learn

In Modules & + Individual Lessons

Dive into the world of remixing with a treasure hunt for the perfect stems and acapellas. This module is your gateway to transforming existing tracks into something uniquely yours. Understand the art of selecting the right elements to set the stage for your remix.

  • Discover sources for high-quality remix stems and acapellas
  • Learn to identify and define chords that set the tone for your remix
  • Craft the initial layers of your track with arpeggios and harmony

Unleash the power of orchestral elements in your tracks. From marimba to strings and beyond, this module teaches you to infuse classical touches into modern beats. Master the technique of programming drums that resonate with epic intensity.

  • Score your tracks with a blend of orchestral instruments
  • Develop skills in programming drums that elevate your music’s impact
  • Integrate brass and transitions for a seamless orchestral fusion

Prepare to create drops that leave listeners craving more. This module is all about constructing a future bass drop that combines intense rhythms with dynamic synths. Experience the thrill of designing a drop that defines the energy of your track.

  • Construct potent drop drums and uncover their secret sauce
  • Implement quick sidechain techniques for enhanced power
  • Design and layer main drop bass for a hard-hitting effect

Transform your tracks from a series of loops to a musical journey. This module focuses on the art of arrangement and adding those special ear candies that breathe life into your music. Learn to create smooth transitions that guide the listener through your sonic story.

  • Master the art of arranging for emotional impact
  • Design transitions and effects that add depth and intrigue
  • Inject your track with unique ear candies for that special touch

Step into the role of a professional mixing engineer. This module teaches you to blend instrumental and vocal elements seamlessly. Learn the intricacies of mixing various elements for clarity, balance, and power in your tracks.

  • Mix bass and organs while managing phase issues
  • Balance orchestral elements for a harmonious blend
  • Process vocals to sit perfectly within your mix

Finalize your track with the finesse of a mastering pro. In this module, you’ll learn the nuances of mastering a future bass track to industry standards. Discover the secrets to achieving a polished, label-ready sound that stands out.

  • Understand the final mixdown process for mastering readiness
  • Master your track with techniques used by industry professionals
  • Evaluate and appreciate the transformation from initial mix to final master

Designed With Every DAW In Mind

The processes and techniques we show are applicable to all major DAWs.

Track we produce together:

From complete scratch we’re producing this exact song. From collecting ideas, sketching drums, designing all sounds individually, arranging, processing the vocals to finished mixed & fully mastered product – ready for the release.


The courses are hosted on dedicated platform. You can watch it whenever and wherever you are – Online or offline via mobile app.

Course Content

Finding Remix Material, Sketching & Initial Production
Orchestral Scoring & Programming Epic Drums
Building a Wild, Hard-Hitting Future Bass Drop
Arrangement, Transitions, Ear Candies & Breathing Life Into Your Track
Mixing the Instrumental & Blending Vocals Like a PRO
Mastering a Powerful, Label-Ready Future Bass Track

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Each preset is engineered to provide you with an array of sonic possibilities, ensuring your music stands out.

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