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From understanding the process & theory, to mastering your and Your Clients’ music Like a PRO. Learn Everything you need to do INSANE Mastering of ALL GENRES. Over 4+ hours, 40+ lessons & Crazy BONUSES.

In this online course, you’ll learn

  • In-depth techniques, and reasons behind all actions
  • Replicable strategies for dynamic, punchy masters
  • All Principals of Audio Engineering that will turn you into an expert
  • Making your track punchy & hard-hitting on all volume levels
  • The best acoustics and speaker set-up for accurate Mastering
  • Secret mastering tricks for bringing your tracks to life


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"World's Most Detailed Course on Mastering Electronic Music Available Online."

Final Track You’re Going To Produce By Yourself

Ever felt like your music is just one step away from greatness? That’s because it is. Mastering is the final, critical step to make your tracks explode.

  • Even if you think mastering is out of your league, it’s not.
  • Even if you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need expensive gear.
  • Even if you’re pressed for time, our methods are quick and effective.

Imagine your tracks not just sounding good, but feeling legendary, no matter where they’re played. This course is your key.

Here's What You'll Learn

In Modules & + Individual Lessons

Begin your mastering journey with a comprehensive overview of advanced audio theory. This module lays the foundational concepts essential for mastering, covering everything from sound physics to digital audio intricacies. It’s where your path to becoming a mastering expert starts.

  • Grasp critical audio theories and concepts
  • Establish a solid foundation for advanced mastering techniques
  • Prepare for the detailed mastering journey ahead

Discover the true essence and purpose of mastering in this eye-opening module. Understand its vital role in the music production process and how it transforms a good mix into a great final product.

  • Demystify common misconceptions about mastering
  • Learn the key objectives and outcomes of mastering
  • Gain a clear understanding of its importance in your music career

Explore the critical role of acoustics and speaker settings in mastering. This module teaches you how to create the ideal mastering environment, ensuring accurate listening and sound decision-making.

  • Understand the impact of room acoustics on mastering
  • Learn how to choose and set up speakers for precision mastering
  • Create an optimal environment for accurate sound judgement

Delve into the world of audio metering essential for mastering. Learn to accurately read and interpret various meters to make informed decisions about loudness, dynamics, and overall balance.

  • Understand different types of audio meters and their uses
  • Apply metering to achieve consistent and optimal loudness levels
  • Enhance your mastering skills with precise measurement tools

Unravel the concept of equal loudness contour and its significance in mastering. This module guides you in adjusting your mastering approach to how the human ear perceives sound at different frequencies and volumes.

  • Explore the principles of human auditory perception
  • Apply the equal loudness contour for balanced sound across frequencies
  • Master the art of creating sonically pleasing tracks for any listening environment


Designed With Every DAW In Mind

The processes and techniques we show are applicable to all major DAWs.

Tracks we Master Together

After several theoretical and practical lessons we are Mastering 3 tracks, learning Best Available plugins & Free/Stock alternatives. You will learn advanced techniques and understand the reason behind every process.


The courses are hosted on dedicated platform. You can watch it whenever and wherever you are – Online or offline via mobile app.

Course Content

Advanced Audio Theory and Concepts
Bulletproof Mastering Process - Chain & Theory Behind It
The Most Burning Questions & Answers
Mastering Using Only Stock Plugins
Mastering with The Best Available VST Plugins

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Exclusive Mastering Toolkit

This bonus pack is the perfect complement to your mastering journey. Get your hands on custom templates, presets, and more, saving you hours of tweaking.

  • Instantly enhance your workflow
  • Custom tools for unique sound shaping
  • Practical, ready-to-use mastering assets

Mastering Cheat Sheet Collection

Arm yourself with quick-reference cheat sheets. These PDFs and infographics are your go-to guides for mastering essentials.

  • Quick tips at your fingertips
  • Streamline your mastering process
  • Essential knowledge, easily accessible

Certified Mastering Engineer Credential

Complete the course and pass the final test to earn your Official Certificate. A testament to your skill and dedication.

  • Recognized proof of your mastering expertise
  • Boost your professional credibility
  • Open doors to new opportunities in music production

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