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Best Instruments, Melody Writing Techniques & Arrangement Formulas… Learn Everything you need to make Top-Chart Ready Drill Tracks. Over 4+ hours, 30+ lessons & BONUSES

In this online course, you’ll learn

  • Psychological Reasons that differentiate Amateur & Professional 1B+ Productions
  • All Best Paid & Free VSTs, Shortcuts, and Techniques of World-Class Producers
  • Formulas for Memorable & Catchy Beats that All Artists are looking for
  • Secrets to Starting Tracks & Boosting your creativity every time you open your DAW
  • To apply all techniques to your own tracks with no doubt or hesitation
  • Learn untold processing tricks to stand out from the crowd of producers


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"Despite the passion and hours in the studio, most producers hit a wall, wondering why their tracks don't resonate. It's not about talent; it's about mastering the unspoken rules of the game."

Final Track You’re Going To Produce By Yourself

Think you need high-end gear to create hits? Wrong.

Believe it’s all about natural talent? Not quite.

Convinced hit-making is just luck? Time to rethink.

You’re grinding for hours, crafting beats, yet the chart-toppers feel out of reach. Passion’s great, but it’s not the whole game. It’s about beats that artists crave, that make them reach out to YOU.

Frustrated with tutorials and endless plugins? Our course cuts through the noise. It’s the secret spark that elevates a track from good to great, used by 10,000+ producers.

This isn’t just lessons; it’s a transformative experience that redefines your sound.

Ready to conquer the charts and prove the myths wrong?

Here's What You'll Learn

In Modules & + Individual Lessons

Discover the core principles and hidden psychological tactics of Billboard hits. This module delves into the strategies used by top producers, transforming your approach to music creation.

  • Uncover psychological insights behind successful tracks
  • Learn essential songwriting techniques for impactful melodies
  • Explore advanced instrument processing for standout sound

Master the art of beat-making and fuel your creative engine. This module teaches innovative production techniques and inspiration cultivation to keep your music fresh and engaging.

  • Overcome creative blocks with unique processing tricks
  • Craft powerful vocal ambiences and dynamic beats
  • Dive into sound design to enrich your music’s texture

Elevate your mixing skills specifically for drill beats. From achieving crystal clear mixes to creating movement and depth, this module is a goldmine for refining your tracks.

  • Secrets for a clean, powerful mix every time
  • Techniques for dynamic drum patterns and 808 mastery
  • Enhance your tracks with unique percussion and background elements

Unlock powerful arrangement techniques for addictive tracks. This module reveals the secrets to structuring songs that listeners can’t stop replaying.

  • Learn easy yet effective arrangement hacks
  • Techniques to bring your instrumental to life
  • Crafting repeat-worthy songs with strategic arrangement

Step into the world of professional vocal production. From supporting vocals to main vocal processing, this module covers everything to make your vocals stand out in the mix.

  • Techniques for impactful background and supporting vocals
  • In-depth guide to mixing drill rap vocals
  • Creative processing for hooks and vocal-instrumental synergy

Navigate the final frontier of music production: mastering for a polished, radio-ready sound. This module provides a comprehensive guide to mastering, ensuring your track is release-ready.

  • Essential tweaks before mastering
  • Step-by-step mastering guide for optimal sound
  • Final listening and quality checks for your track

Designed With Every DAW In Mind

The processes and techniques we show are applicable to all major DAWs.


The courses are hosted on dedicated platform. You can watch it whenever and wherever you are – Online or offline via mobile app.

Course Content

Fundamentals & Psychological Secrets Behind Billboard Top Productions
Instrumental Production & Beat-Making + Inspiration Machine
State Of The Art Mixing Techniques for Drill Beats
Arrangement Hacks for Ultimate REPEAT Factor
Vocal Production (Stank Face Guaranteed)
Mastering - Step By Step Process for Radio-Ready Quality

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The ultimate shortcut – so you can jump in and start producing radio-quality drill tracks today.

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