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Our Easy-To-Follow System for Chart-Ready Arrangements That Hook Your Audience on REPEAT.

Turn loops into perfectly formed chart-ready songs time after time. Learn fundamentals of perfect music storytelling and arrangements that will turn your boring tracks into masterpieces that people loop on repeat.

In this online course, you’ll learn

  • Unlock the secrets to addictive arrangements.
  • Access Industry-Standard Templates for Quick, Professional Results
  • Learn the Art of Musical Storytelling to Keep Listeners Hooked
  • Effortlessly Turn 8-Bar Loops into Full-Length Masterpieces
  • Master Techniques for Every Genre: Trap, EDM, Pop, and More
  • Gain Lifetime Skills to Consistently Finish and Release Your Music


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Turn Ideas into Finished Tracks in matter of mintues

Final Track You’re Going To Produce By Yourself

Ever felt stuck with a loop that just doesn’t evolve into a full track?

We’ve all been there. But now, you can break free.

This course isn’t just about arranging notes, it’s about crafting emotions, building tension, and releasing energy that captivates your audience.

  • Even if you’re a beginner, our easy steps will guide you to pro-level arrangements.
  • Even if you’ve struggled before, our templates and techniques make it simple.
  • Even if you’ve never finished a track, this course will turn that around.

Go from basic loops to complete, release-ready hits.

Here's What You'll Learn

In Modules & + Individual Lessons

Discover why understanding the core of music storytelling is crucial for captivating arrangements. Learn to craft a musical journey that engages your audience from start to finish.

  • Explore the psychology behind memorable music
  • Learn how to keep your listeners engaged and craving more
  • Visualize your path from a budding artist to a chart-topping producer

Dive into the theory that forms the backbone of all great music. Understand how different elements come together to create a cohesive and compelling track.

  • Unravel the secrets of music theory made simple
  • Find out how the pros use theory to enhance creativity, not hinder it
  • Imagine crafting tracks that stand out in any playlist

Tailor your arrangements specifically for the pulsing rhythms of Trap and Hip-Hop. Learn the structures that make these genres unique and how to apply them to your music.

  • Master the art of creating addictive beats and hooks
  • Solve the puzzle of complex rhythms and flows
  • Envision your tracks ruling the airwaves and streaming platforms

Get inside the high-energy world of EDM and House. From build-ups to drops, learn the techniques that will make your tracks festival-ready.

  • Uncover the formula for unforgettable EDM and House anthems
  • Tackle the challenge of maintaining energy and excitement throughout your tracks
  • See yourself as the mastermind behind the next big dance hit

Learn how to arrange for the mainstream. Understand the nuances of Pop and Electronic music that make them chart-toppers and radio favorites.

  • Decode the structure of hits that dominate the charts
  • Apply these principles to make your tracks radio-ready
  • Dream of hearing your own song playing on every major station

Gain access to a toolbox filled with tips and tricks that simplify the arrangement process. This module is all about efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Discover shortcuts that bring professional results faster
  • Overcome common obstacles with proven solutions
  • Picture your workflow becoming smoother and more creative

Designed With Every DAW In Mind

The processes and techniques we show are applicable to all major DAWs.


The courses are hosted on dedicated platform. You can watch it whenever and wherever you are – Online or offline via mobile app.

Course Content

Fundamentals Behind Powerful Arrangements & Music Storytelling
In-Depth Theory Behind All Structural Arrangement Concepts
Bulletproof Arrangement Frameworks for Trap, Hip-Hop & All Related Genres
Dominate Dance Floors - Arrangement Frameworks For EDM, House & All Related Genres
Untold Frameworks for Hypnotizing POP, Electronic & Radio Music Arrangements
Tips, Tricks, AI Tools & Shortcuts for Amazing Arrangements

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Enhance your music instantly with our collection of industry-standard arrangement templates. Tailored for various genres, they are your shortcut to professional-quality tracks.

  • Experience immediate improvement in your arrangements.
  • Effortlessly adapt these templates to your unique style.
  • Feel the thrill of producing tracks that sound like they’re straight from the studio.

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