Getting the vocals right can make or break your track, and with the sheer number of tools out there, it’s easy to get lost. You’ll learn about five killer free VST plugins that will take your vocal mixes from amateur to pro without spending a dime. We’re talking crisp EQs, lush choruses, spacious reverbs, spot-on pitch correction, and punchy compression.

These aren’t just any plugins — they’re handpicked based on sound quality, user-friendliness and rave reviews by home studio buffs and pros alike. Dive in to discover how these top-notch tools can elevate your music production game.

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Criteria for Selecting Top Vocal Processing VST Plugins

Picking the perfect free vocal processing VST plugin is like finding a diamond in the rough. You need one that sings, not just speaks. First off, sound quality tops the list because let’s face it: if it sounds more robot than human, you’re doing your vocals dirty.

Then there’s ease of use. No one has time to crack open a manual thicker than “War and Peace” every time they want to lay down some vocals. Compatibility also matters—because having a killer plugin that doesn’t play nice with your DAW is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

We also can’t forget about features. They should be like spices in a gourmet dish—just enough to enhance but never overpower. And finally, user reviews are pure gold, so make sure to do your research and see how these plugins work when in action.

TDR Nova – Dynamic Equalizer

 TDR Nova vocal EQ is a complete Swiss Army Knife for vocals. This dynamic equalizer blends the precision of a parametric EQ plugin with the smooth operation of dynamic processing to make sure your vocals don’t just sit well in the mix—they shine.

Dynamic EQ plugins can be invaluable when dealing with dynamic and tonally varied vocals. Sometimes, specific frequencies are more pronounced or problematic during certain passages. Unlike static equalization, dynamic EQ allows for selective and real-time control of specific frequency bands, offering a targeted approach to addressing occasional harshness or resonance without compromising the overall natural dynamics of the vocal performance. This ensures that vocals remain well-defined across varying expressions and intensities, contributing to a more authentic and expressive result.

One of the notable strengths of this dynamic EQ is its intuitive user interface, providing both novice and seasoned engineers with a user-friendly experience. The well-designed graphical representation of the EQ curve and dynamic response allows for a clear visualization of the adjustments being made. 

You get total control over each band’s dynamics, including attack and release times, ensuring the dynamic equalization is transparent and artifact-free. 

Additionally, the plugin offers a spectrum analyzer that aids in identifying problematic frequencies and guiding the user in making informed decisions during the equalization process. The real-time visual feedback contributes to a more efficient workflow, allowing for quicker identification and correction of frequency issues. It might be my favorite EQ plugin of all.

Acon Digital Multiply – Chorus Effect

Imagine your vocals had a twin that sang in harmony with every note. That’s what Multiply can do for you, but without the sibling rivalry. This free chorus effect plugin adds richness and texture to your tracks by simulating several voices from a single vocal line.

The interface of Multiply is super slick and intuitive enough that even beginners can navigate through its features like they’re on autopilot. You’ve got control over aspects such as modulation rate, depth, and mix level—allowing you to dial in just the right amount of chorus without turning your track into an alien choir.

But here’s where it gets really cool: Multiply has packed some serious customization options under the hood. With up to six voice simulations and an integrated EQ section, this VST lets you tweak until your heart’s content—or at least until your coffee runs out.

Voxengo OldSkoolVerb – Reverb Plugin

Imagine stepping into a vast cathedral, your voice echoing off the walls, creating a sense of space and depth. That’s the magic Voxengo OldSkoolVerb reverb plugin brings to vocal tracks. With its tailor-made reverb algorithms, this free plugin transforms dry recordings into lush soundscapes without muddying up the original clarity.

The beauty lies in its simplicity—dialing in that perfect ambience becomes almost intuitive with an interface that strips away complexity like peeling layers from an onion. Whether you’re aiming for subtle room sounds or dramatic hall effects, OldSkoolVerb has got your back. It doesn’t just throw reverberation at you, it hands over the reins so you can sculpt your vocals with precision.

And let’s not forget compatibility because this gem plays nice across different DAWs—a harmonious relationship between software is music to every producer’s ears. So go ahead and give those vocals a place to live within the mix that feels as natural as breathing.

MeldaProduction MAutoPitch – Auto-Tune Effect

Ever sung a note so off-pitch it made nearby dogs howl? Well, MeldaProduction’s MAutoPitch is the free pitch-correction sidekick that swoops in to save your vocal tracks. Think of it as the gentle nudge your vocals need to hit those tricky notes with precision.

This plugin isn’t just about keeping your vocals in line, it’s about polishing them until they shine. With its easy-to-navigate interface, you can tweak settings without getting lost in a sea of knobs and sliders. And for those who like to experiment, MAutoPitch offers formant shift and stereo-expansion features—because who doesn’t want their voice to sound both alien-like at times and wide enough to fill the room?

So why choose this over some hefty-priced heavyweight? The answer lies not only in your wallet but also in quality. Users often praise MAutoPitch for holding its own against pricier competitors when it comes down to transparent pitch correction—a true underdog story.

Klanghelm DC1A – Simple Compression Tool

When you’re up to your eyeballs in vocal tracks that need some dynamic control, Klanghelm’s DC1A vocal compressor plugin is like a cold beer on a hot day: refreshing and oh-so satisfying. This nifty plugin brings simplicity back into the game of compression, without sacrificing quality. With its intuitive interface, it’s perfect for beginners yet powerful enough for pros, offering a pleasing analog sound.

What sets the Klanghelm DC1A apart is how it handles audio. It has a mellower compression style that gives you tons of control without making your vocals sound like they’ve been through a digital wringer. Its ‘Deep’ and ‘Relaxed’ modes are worth their weight in gold, giving users more creative flexibility than what most freebies offer.

The charm lies in its subtlety; this compressor adds character to your vocals while keeping things under control – think less iron fist, more velvet glove. It’s not just about squashing peaks, it’s about enhancing performance subtly.

Free Vocal VST Runner-Ups

  • Vocal Doubler – Auburn Sounds Graillon FE 
  • Vocal Delay Plugin – Valhalla Freq Echo
  • Vocal Saturation Plugin – Softube Saturation Knob
  • Vocal De-Esser Plugin – Techivation T De-Esser
  • Vocal Compressor Plugin – Analog Obsession La-La

FAQs in Relation to Top 5 Best Free Vocal Mixing Vst Plugins

What are the best plugins for mixing vocals?

To mix vocals like a pro, look to iZotope Nectar, Waves CLA Vocals, and Antares Auto-Tune. They’re industry favorites for vocal VST plugins.

What vocal plugins do the professionals use?

Pros often turn to Waves Renaissance Vox, Universal Audio’s LA-2A collection, and FabFilter’s Pro-Q 3 for top-tier vocal magic.

What is the best order of plugins for vocals?

Kick off with noise reduction if needed and follow up with EQs then compressors. Toss in effects like reverb or delay last.

Are there any good free vocal VSTs?

Absolutely. TDR Nova for EQing, Acon Digital Multiply for chorus effect, and Voxengo OldSkoolVerb deliver quality free vocal VST plugins without costing a dime.

Conclusion – Best Free Vocal Plugins

So, you’ve dived into the world of free vocal processing. You’ve seen how these top 5 best free vocal mixing VST plugins can transform your tracks.

You should now know that crisp EQs are essential. They shape your sound and bring out the best in your vocals.

You get it: lush choruses expand mixes, giving them a pro feel. And you realize spacious reverbs add depth without muddying up your track.

Remember this: precise pitch correction is key for modern production quality, punchy compression keeps everything tight and controlled.

Play around with these free vocal tools when mixing to discover their full potential and make sure those vocals shine!

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