Exploring the world of music production can be thrilling, but also pricey. That’s where free Kontakt libraries come in, offering endless high-quality sounds without denting your wallet. 

In this guide, we’re going to explore a curated selection of 10 unparalleled free Kontakt libraries that you can use to uplift your musical endeavors!

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Project Pegasus from 99Sounds

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Dreaming of crafting the perfect ambient soundtrack or cinematic score? Well, pinch yourself because Project Pegasus by 99Sounds is here to make those dreams a reality. This free Kontakt library serves up an ethereal mix of pads, atmospheres, and synth textures that are just begging to be layered into your next project.

Why does this matter for you? Because whether you’re scoring the dramatic climax of a film or laying down the vibe for an ambient track, these sounds add depth and emotion without costing you a dime. And let’s be honest—who doesn’t love high-quality freebies?

The best part is its simplicity. You don’t need to be Hans Zimmer to use it. Beginners can easily navigate through its dreamy landscapes while more experienced composers will find plenty of depth to explore. So go ahead, dive into Project Pegasus and let your compositions soar.

Spitfire Audio LABS

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Imagine if you could access a gold mine of exceptional instrument sounds without spending a dime. Welcome to the world of Spitfire Audio LABS. You’ve stumbled upon a continuously growing cosmos brimming with sounds, ranging from the celestial hum of strings to the whimsical cacophony of avant-garde effects. Though it struts around as a standalone plugin, Kontakt users often tip their hats in respect for its top-notch quality.

This isn’t just another freebie thrown into the vast ocean of virtual instruments. Each sound is crafted with such meticulous care, you’d think they were selling these at premium steakhouse prices. From hauntingly beautiful pianos to eerie synthetic textures, LABS gives producers and composers alike a palette so rich and diverse, it feels like cheating.

Embertone Intimate Strings LITE

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

If you’ve ever dreamed of adding that silky, emotional string sound to your tracks without breaking the bank, Embertone Intimate Strings LITE might just be your knight in shining armor. This free Kontakt library serves up a delectable taste of Embertone’s renowned quality with solo string performances that ooze intimacy and expression.

Its uniqueness stems not only from being cost-free but also in its dedication to presenting performances brimming with vitality. Every plucked string seems to murmur intimate revelations, ideally suited for composers eager to infuse their music with a surge of genuine sentiment.

But don’t let its “LITE” moniker fool you, this library packs a punch worthy of its full-fat siblings!

Ample Sound Ample Bass P Lite II

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Ample Bass P Lite II is one of the best free bass Kontakt libraries on the market today.

This isn’t just any sampled bass. It brings the groove back into rock, jazz, pop—you name it. Delving into its vibrant tones and lifelike expressions, you get all of the small nuances that make up a realistic bass guide sound, from the string noises to the slides and beyond. 

Why settle for that fake, lifeless keyboard bass sound a-la Seinfeld, when you can have bass that adds depth and movement to your tracks? Ample Bass P Lite II is a must-have for musicians aiming to craft bass grooves that not only sound fantastic but also carry the vibrant essence of being played live.

Cinematique Instruments KLANG

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Each instrument in the KLANG series comes with its own backstory like that one eccentric uncle who always has fascinating tales to tell at family gatherings. Whether you’re crafting soundtracks that demand bike bells, tape sounds, or fuzzy 808s, you can find what you’re looking for with Klang!

The true allure is found in the vast array of sounds and the way these instruments kindle an imaginative spark within us. They beg you to experiment, twist knobs you might normally leave untouched, and ultimately find your own voice within their echoes.

Native Instruments Komplete Start

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

If you’re dipping your toes into the vast ocean of music production, Native Instruments’ Komplete Start is, well, a great place to start. This free bundle packs in over 6GB of content, including a number of high-quality Kontakt instruments!

This isn’t just a random assortment of sounds. It’s a carefully curated selection from Native Instruments’ library. From synths to samples and effects, Komplete Start gives budding producers everything they need to start creating without dropping a dime.

The real gem here? It’s like opening a door for beginners to the exceptional craftsmanship of NI offerings. 

Sonuscore The Orchestra Complete Free

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

If you want to take advantage of free orchestra sounds, it’s hard to think of a VST that provides a better user interface and sample library than Sonuscore. 

This free orchestral jewel offers a streamlined entryway into crafting rich, cinematic compositions without the complexity. Think of it as your gateway drug into the world of symphonic music production – addictive and enlightening.

For those eager to explore more, upgrading is just a click away on Sonuscore’s official website. But until then, this freebie packs enough punch to start composing pieces that might make Beethoven give you a nod from his grave.

Ivy Audio Piano in 162

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

If you’re itching to tickle the ivories without actually having a grand piano crammed into your studio, Ivy Audio’s Piano in 162 is a great option. This isn’t just any old piano sample. It’s a Steinway Model B grand piano captured with all its grace and nuances. You basically get the sounds of Carnegie Hall right into your DAW.

The developers went above and beyond by offering dynamic range that can whisper or roar, depending on how you stroke the keys. Perfect for genres stretching from classical serenades to pop anthems, this free Kontakt library lets your musical imagination run wild without running your wallet dry.

Strezov Sampling Thunder X3M Taiko Freebie

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Ah, yes, the sound of thunder — the taiko drum. This is the kind of drum that rumbles through your bones and makes you feel like you’re standing in the middle of an epic movie scene. Strezov Sampling truly brought it to the table with their Thunder X3M Taiko Freebie, which is a slice of their broader percussion libraries.

hether you’re scoring a film or looking to add some dramatic flair to your music tracks, this library doesn’t disappoint.The best part? No need for a fat wallet or to be an expert on ancient Japanese music tools to get started with this. 

Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition

Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Imagine stepping into a room filled with every orchestral instrument you can think of. That’s what the Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition provides. This VST provides a diverse selection of orchestral tools and expressions, serving as an ideal sandbox for novices exploring the realm of orchestral creation.

The beauty here is in its variety. You’ve got strings that sing, brass that boasts, and woodwinds that whisper sweet nothings to your compositions. 

For folks looking to add some serious depth to their tracks without emptying their wallets on professional recording sessions,VSCO 2 CE stands out as a top pick among free Kontakt libraries. 

FAQs in Relation to Top 10 Free Kontakt Libraries

Which KONTAKT library is best?

It depends on your needs. Project Pegasus and Spitfire Audio LABS are top picks for a mix of genres.

Where can I get free KONTAKT libraries?

Sites like 99Sounds, Native Instruments, and Spitfire Audio offer quality freebies. Always check the creators’ websites first.

Which KONTAKT player is free?

Kontakt Player by Native Instruments is free and runs both Kontakt libraries and its own expansive range.

Is full KONTAKT free?

No, the full version of Kontakt isn’t free. But you can start with Kontakt Player to explore some libraries at no cost.


So, you dove into the world of free Kontakt libraries. You discovered dreamy pads with Project Pegasus and explored Spitfire Audio LABS’ quality sounds, and are now armed with the tools to elevate your productions to new heights. 

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