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Feature & Benefit subheadline, e.g: Get our 100+ Dirty Keys, Organic Plucks, Mind-Blowing Reese Basses & BONUS MIDI Song Starters to get your sound to the next level – no matter the genre you produce.



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2nd Headline, E.g.: Level Up Your Sound

Story/problem/solution copy. E.g.: We hate browsing through countless of digital and basic sounding presets with no soul. This collection is the GO TO library of our producers. A versatile collection of 100+ Organic and Dirty Vital Presets for Trap & EDM. Inspired by Top Chart artists to breathe new life into your tracks. We stretched Vital possibilities to the maximum to bring you the best sounds in the game – so you stay inspired ALL the time.

Feature E.g: 100+ Superior Presets

This collection contains only the highest quality sounds so you never get stuck looking for this perfect sound. It is NOT “Essentials” – this is expert crafted state of the art full instruments.

benefit, e.g. Double Your Workflow

Here, go more in-depth on the benefits/features if necessary. E.g. All presets come with 4 Macro Knobs so you can fine-tweak each one in seconds to fit your track perfectly, no matter the style!

Benefit/feature, E.g. BONUS MIDIs

Short benefit driven description of e.g. the bonus. MIDI Song Starters to get you inspired right away. Simply choose your preset and drag & drop the MIDI file!

In over 40+ lessons...

You will learn every detail of professional sounding masters. We explain reasons behind every action you might or shouldn't take. So after, you will be ready to Master your own songs with no doubt and hesitation.

BONUS #1 Templates & Presets

ALL project files (chains, presets & automations techniques) we use in the course. PLUS - Custom Mastering Template, Patcher Presets & Mixer Channel Presets that will save DAYS of your work.

BONUS #2 Checklists & Extra PDFs

You get access to bonus PDFs & Infographics such as: Mastering Cheat Sheet, Best Free & Paid Mastering plugins, & many more to make sure you get 101% out of the course.

.... By Thousands of Producers

After training and working with thousands of producers, we know exactly what it takes to boost the learning curve, and take your skills to the next level.

Official Certificate

After finishing the course & passing the final test you will get our Official Certificate.

Free Preview

Click to watch one of the lessons from the course.

And many more!


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Shortly describe the benefit of the main pack and how the bonus pack will complement it. Focus on the before and after & the immediate advantage they get thanks to the bonus.

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We’re so confident that this pack will ABSURDLY IMPROVE your music & workflow that if after 60 days you don’t feel like it – you get 100% money back. No questions asked. Just send us an e-mail to

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  • FL Studio 20 or higher – Nothing Else!
    Optionally – iZotope Ozone, FabFilter MB & Saturn
    However, we teach you that to get amazing masters you don’t need any 3rd party plugins.We will also use stock plugins & couple of amazing Free plugins as well